Round Table

President Trump is welcoming CEO/President Kristina Pence-Dunow among other American business affiliates that manufacture their products in the United States for a roundtable discussion, August 1st, 2017 at the White House, highlighting the importance of manufacturing products in American factories, creating jobs, and the struggles manufacturers face in today's economy. 

"Hometown Trolley is a woman-owned American Manufacturing company producing Trolley Buses, an iconic American Vehicle. There are many hardships and struggles we face on a daily basis that makes it an on-going battle to keep running, but we're making it happen, not to mention with continued expansion and product growth!" Kristina Pence-Dunow stated, "I hope to discuss with President Trump issues we face as a manufacturing company and what would enable us to continue creating jobs and making quality, American Made products."

This is not the Hometown CEO's first visit to D.C.. Earlier this year Kristina was awarded Small Business Person of the Year, representing the state of Wisconsin, by the Small Business Administration. She was also invited to represent Wisconsin at the SBDC reception, helping new entrepreneurs realize the dream of business ownership, and to assist existing businesses to remain competitive in the complex marketplace of an ever-changing global economy.

Hometown Trolley is extremely proud of the well deserved recognition that has come to light over the past year. CEO/President Kristina Pence-Dunow hopes to bring positive changes to the manufacturing industry and is honored to be a part of President Trump's discussion and on-going manufacturing support.